About Monkeypod Kitchen by Merriman

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Our restaurants are driven by a deep dedication to the art of craft. Beyond just describing how things are made, “crafted” can also refer to a desire to do something well, through a very personal kind of work. The craftsman is proud of their work, and cherishes their creation. This kind of pride can be infectious and as a company we want to imbue our employees, communities, and customers with this spirit. Even people who never meet the craftsman or have never handcrafted anything themselves can recognize the depth, skill, and effort embodied in well-crafted objects, whether that means surfboards, canoes, motorcycles, beer, or food.

Under this context, our mission and vision statements emerge organically:

Mission statement: Master the craft of food, drink, and merrymaking with Aloha.

Vision statement: Be recognized as the leading handcrafted restaurant company in America.


• We live and breathe our brand constitution: Our brand is at the core of everything that we do. It guides every decision that we make: what kind of food to feature on our menu, who we hire to be a part of our team, how we manage our facilities, and even how we perform our accounting.

•High quality, socially conscious ingredients:
Our ingredients aren’t just part of a recipe. They are chosen in such a way as to reduce our impact on the environment, support our local communities, and positively impact all that we touch.

• Sustainable profitability:
Success is not defined by short term profits. We see the big picture and are here for the long term.

• Exceed expectations:
We take pride in being craftspeople of service. Going above and beyond is a special part of every day.

• Continuously practice and improve our craft:
Mastering the craft of food, drink, and merrymaking is a continuous process that comes through practice. We look to routine and ordinary things in our work every day to find opportunities for improvement. There is always room to become a better craftsman.

• Celebrate the craft of merrymaking every day:
We have fun every day with every person that we interact with. We laugh at ourselves. We make the ordinary merry.

• Leave the world a better place:
We have a deep love for the natural beauty of our Earth and are committed to taking every step possible to reduce the company’s impact on the environment. We are also committed to promoting the success and health of our communities.